Retrome Vintage Boutique B&B Experience

The Retrome is set out to give guests a unique experience that combines best location in city centre with high standards in comfort, a personal service and a one of a kind interior design. 

We love hospitality and Design in equal parts and that is what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that independent boutique hotels with a small number rooms can maintain a direct and true contact with the guest and take better care of each of our guest rooms. While designing the interiors, we create quiet spaces that offer peace and tranquility while using iconic vintage furniture and art-work as islands of colour and style to create a sort of a time capsule of the nostalgic elegance of the 1950's ,60's & 70's. Apart from Vintage design, our core values include a sustainability that starts with giving new life to old furniture by restoration, use of energy saving systems for a/c and water heating and green products for cleaning, another important value is to be part of our local community, by using small local suppliers and outsourcing our costume tailored breakfast to a local Caffe, both in Rome and in Barcelona, so both us and our guests feel the true vibe and enjoy the local products and traditions.

To know more about what The Retrome is all about, have a look at our Concept, where we explain what stands behind the brand, or go to our History page to see where it has all started.

The Mission page is where we explain what gets us going.

The Press/Media will show that for a young company, we get some great attention from the press.