Experience Retrome - Vintage Breaks in Barcelona & Rome

"RETROME CITY LOVE" is our first ever video project.

The idea for the movie project is to show the experience of staying at Retrome and what the brand is all about in a genuine and non commercial fashion, so we actually do not try to sell anything but to share the vibe and concept of the brand.

The inspiration was 1960's Italian film and film makers like Federico Fellini and some more lighter Hollywood movies that were shot in Rome in the period like the cult feature "Le Vacanze Romane" starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory peck.

The video was directed by the talented Marin Finerty which also co produced with Retrome's founder Moti Erdeapel.

A nice trivia fact: The two actors in the movie are actually co-owner Moti Erdeapel and his fiancé Suzanne de Jager which is a lawyer by day and an amateur theatre actress by night. An even nicer trivia fact: Moti proposed to Suzanne on the set of this very movie some 6 years after they met at Retrome back when it was a small B&B in Rome and she stayed there for a weekend with friends (she said yes!).

For information and bookings you are welcome to wonder around on our website, to get in touch write us to info@retrome.net.


Director: Marin Finerty 
Produced by: Marin Finerty, Moti Erdeapel and Retrome 
Assistant director: Oriol Campi Solé
Music: Jeter Votre Téléphone" written and performed by Paul Housden
Actors: Suzanne De Jager, Moti Erdeapel
Special thanks: Rome 500 Experience for the amazing cars, Pifebo for great vintage clothing , to Matteo & Davide Mauroni and to Retrome's co owner Oren Zohar.