The Retrome Concept

The Retrome concept merges comfort, sustainability and design into one complete experience.


Sustainable comfort

Our properties are environmentally friendly. We use energy saving and non-polluting systems for heating, warm water and air-conditioning.


Urban hospitability

We are a part of the local community: we out-source our breakfast to a charming nearby café. Like this we hit the nail on the head twice: You choose the time when you want to have your breakfast and Retrome supports a local business and creates strong relations with the people around us.


Retro vintage design

Design is a very important part of our concept. Our interiors are decorated with objects and cultural icons from the mid-century era in order to create an original and inviting atmosphere. The way we approach design speaks volumes and is equally important to us:  we "rescue" and restore old furniture. We do not buy our design objects in a trendy design store; instead we recycle, we collect furniture in country-side secondhand ware houses, in local markets and directly from people that would otherwise throw the furniture away. The restoration is done by us and it is a part of our work which we love and enjoy.


Personalized service

For Retrome, hospitality is not only a job, it is a way of life.  That is why we make time to give personal attention and service to each of our guests. Our properties are on the smaller side and we want to keep it that way to ensure that each guest feels at home in Retrome.  We love to meet new people and make them feel comfortable, that is what we like to do and we take pride of that.


Good value for money

Great value for money is the last surprise we have prepared for you. We know that quality is not cheap, but we believe that quality accommodation should be affordable for most people. Retrome’s attractive formula of location, design, contemporary amenities and comfort together with competitive rates guarantees our guest great value for money.


In so many words, our concept is simple: be yourself, strive for the best and while you are at it create spaces which will make you and others feel good